Abit HotRod 100

Abit HotRod 100

Post by Roger Jense » Tue, 26 Jun 2001 05:59:58

I have a Abit HotRod 100 controller which I want in my Trustix box...
In the docs it says that it's supported on Abit Gentus Linux, but I'm not
able to reach the Gentus homepages...

Anyone out there wich has had some success with this board, and want to
share theire knowledge with me??? I would be greatfull for a lifetime...

With kind regards
Roger Jensen


1. Solved: Abit HotRod 100 and Trustix

I questioned for a sollution to getting the Abit HotRod 100 UDMA/100
controller up and running on Trustix Secure Linux. Since I didn't get any
constuctive answers I had to brows some other sources, and I eventually
solved it... In case some others have the same problem, here's the answer...

Upgrade to kernel 2.4.5. This kernel supports this controller through the
Busmastering and HPT366-module...

I hope this is usefull information to some other poor souls out there... :)

Roger Jensen

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