Nexstor NXT76 Drivers, EISA i960 SCSI

Nexstor NXT76 Drivers, EISA i960 SCSI

Post by Mark Pit » Sun, 20 Jul 1997 04:00:00

Hi.. I'm new to Linux.. ive dabbled for a while, but MS has finaly got
to me, and I am full on to leave as much of it behind as I can.

What I want to do:

I have a 486 DX50 EISA m/b and a Nexstor NXT76 SCSI card.
The SCSI card is based on an NCR 53C700 chipset, but the whole thing
has an on board BIOS, and an i960, not to mention a few simm slots for
cache. I would like to put these bits tigether with some old CPC SCSI
hard disks I have to form the basis of my first machine dedicated to


Does anybody out there know if the NXT76 is supported at all, and if
so what do I have to do to get it into my kernal?

I have a semi friendlt guru, but only if I know what to do in the
first place.

Please help a newbie!



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