Printing in RH5.2:linux=10,Epson=0

Printing in RH5.2:linux=10,Epson=0

Post by Gene Hesket » Mon, 10 May 1999 04:00:00

I've just spent a very frustrating afternoon trying to print a couple of
pages of my bank statement, saved by netraped v4.51, in a .ps format.

Calling up printtool, I made sure it all worked, at least when my Stylus

Attempted printing of a test postscript page from printtool gets me an
error because I'm set for a text only printer.  Refuses to print.

Selecting one of the 'other' filters only gets me a rangecheck error
message printed on the printer.  There are no 'Epson' choices in the
printtool filters menu.

So I went over to RedHat and picked up the newest printtool, and
rhs-printfilters, but they won't install either, the rhs-printfilters
claims it needs or better, and thats there as a link to

So howintuncket do it get some Epson filters for printtool?  Are the
Epsonfolks on a rampage about linux or something.

Then, figuring that GS should be able to do it, I printed the
thing the other day.  But that suddenly can't be told where the printer
is, generating if it does anything, a file containing the screen output
gs kicks out.

Anybody know the syntax for doing that?

Cheers, Gene
  Gene Heskett, CET, UHK       |Amiga A2k Zeus040 50 megs fast/2 megs chip

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Hi all,

I've just connected an Epson Stylus 640 to my linux box (PII 400MHz)
running RH 5.1 (2.0.35) and Ghostscript 5.10 with the uniprint
driver and notice the following print speeds:

   1 full-page plain-TeX/dvips document w/ NO graphics:

   1 full-page unformatted text using 'cat file > /dev/lp1': 30 seconds

which seem fairly slow considering claimed PPM rates for this printer
(using supposedly inferior OSs and drivers).

Is this typical of what I should expect with linux/ghostscript?
If not, any suggestions for improvement would be greatly appreciated.

Note: based on past experience, "recompiling the kernel" seems
to be the default knee-jerk response to almost every problem
posted. If this is necessary, PLEASE provide some proof or at least
a pointer to explicit instructions, suitable for a newbie, on how to
do this.



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