Avance Logic ALS-4000 Sound card and Suse 6.3

Avance Logic ALS-4000 Sound card and Suse 6.3

Post by Aleksi » Tue, 30 May 2000 04:00:00


I am new here. And Im new with Linux.
So heres one of my problems.
I have an ALS-4000 soundcard, and Id like it be running under Suse Linux
6.3 (K.:2.2.13).
I know there is no specific driver for this card, so I ask you if you know a
possibility to make it work anyway.
Are there different driver I can use?

Please help me




1. Avance logic ALS 100+ sound/redhat 5.1

hello world

    Anyone succeeded in correctly configure IRQ/DMA for Avance logic ALS
100+ sound card with linux ?? What values dit you choose ????

I have tried to put the same values as window's but unsuccessfully.

    This card worked fine with redhat 5.1 on a spacewalker tx Chipset with
an AMD K6 233 but my new IWILL XA100+/AMD K62 350 has made changes to
available irq's and DMA's and I can't figure which ones are the good ones. I
have tried almost every configurations in xconfig without any success.

    Someone has heard about a program that could test available values for
sound cards and /or every ISA/PCI devices hooked onto the motherboard ????

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