Canon LBP-430 Laser Printer

Canon LBP-430 Laser Printer

Post by SVCA Public Inf » Wed, 01 Dec 1999 04:00:00

Would anyone know if there is a third party Linux driver and/or a help page
for the Canon LBP-430 laser printer?

Thanks Richard C.


1. Canon LBP-460 Laser Printer Setup Problem

Hi!  I have acquired a Canon LBP-460 laser printer recently.  I have been
to make it work with my Linux but I have never succeed.  It seems that I made a
wrong choice in the first place.  Canon LBP-460 seems to be a non-postscript
printer.  Unfortunately, I have got lots of postscript files to print.  Is
anyway to make my printer work with postscript files?  Does the magic-filter or
aps-filter work?  

If you have   this model of printer, please share with me your experiences,
even if you failed.  I want to know what you have been through.


James Lee


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