Graphic Card: S3 PCI P64 864 V

Graphic Card: S3 PCI P64 864 V

Post by Marc Lust » Tue, 12 Dec 1995 04:00:00

Hi there !

I am having trouble configuring my graphic card called
Spea Mirage S3 PCI P64 864 2 MB DRAM with Video support.
I am using Caldera Preview II (Kernel 1.2.13) and the Xconfigurator.
Does someone know the RamDAC ?
I figured out to get the card run at 1024x768x76Hz, but with 256
colours only, though Xconfigurator recognises the availability of 2
megs. I need to have 64k colors.
Any suggestions how to get the card running at the higher color
intensity are very much appreciated.



1. Driver for MIRO 20DV / S3-864 graphic card ???


I am looking for an driver an an

  MIRO 20DV PCI-graphic card.

It has an S3-864 graphic chip with 2 MB video RAM and it is very fast...
If somebody has an patch from an exisiting driver or a new driver for that
card, please email me!
I want - of course - that driver to run XFree ;)

Thanks in advance...


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