Lavlink ISA 16650 UART Card & Linux

Lavlink ISA 16650 UART Card & Linux

Post by (Foo Bar » Mon, 15 Mar 1999 04:00:00

        Has anyone gotten the Lavlink 650 ISA card (16650 UART) to
work under linux?  I am running 2.0.34 and it's not working right.  I
can echo at commands to the device, but things like minicom etc can't
communicate with it.



1. 3com Impact IQ with Lavaport-ISA 16650 UART serial

I'm having trouble getting a 3com Impact IQ TA running at 230400 connected
to a 16650 UART Lavaport-ISA.  The machine(486/33 16mb ram) is running linux
and serves as a masquerading gateway.  I cannot get any response from the
modem when connected to the serial.   However, the send light does flash.  I
can hook it to my windows machine, set it to 230400 and still nothing with
the linux machine.  Any suggestions?  Or success stories?

Any help would be greatly appreciated,
Jacob Joseph

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