motherboard recs?

motherboard recs?

Post by Jay G. Sco » Sat, 14 Feb 2004 01:47:29

i have heard that ASUS motherboards need very high quality memory.
i have two, and i've had difficulties with memory in both.

i'm wondering if there are motherboards that don't have this
"weakness"--weakness  in quotes because i'm not sure it's
right to call it that.

welll, nevermind that anyway--the point may be moot.

i have an ancient 166 MHz board, and i'm growing impatient waiting
for it to boot.  the machine only acts as a print server, so it's
fast enough once it's up.  so here are the questions:

1.  i have some memory lying around, PC2100.  i don't need speed
to run the printer.  i'm just impatient at boot time.  is there
an el-cheapo board i can use with my PC2100 memory?

2.  what moderately priced board would you recommend, assuming you
just needed a decent, moderate performance box?  i seem to be hearing
good things about supermicro.  round numbers, those look to start
in the vicinity of $250 w/ cpu, and i'm not sure i could re-use my memory.
i'm just thinking, if the answer to question 1 turns out to be
not too far from the answer this question, maybe i should just give
up my old memory.

my only constraint is ATX form factor.


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1. MotherBoard Recs.

After having my Motherboard replace due to a blown controller,
The replacement I got had a much higher bios revision, but
the hardware is still the same.

The result of this bios revision is that even though it's
an intel triton FX chipset, I have to use a special EIDE
driver in win95 (TekRam), to get Bus Mastering DMA, and
cannot get it on linux.

In addition to that, the board only does 4bit parallel
port transfers, when compared ot 8bit transfers cuts
my PPA ZipDrive transfer rates in half.

Needless to say, I'm looking for a new MB. I've been
looking at the Rhino-9 from Ocean Info. Systems,
if I decide to keep my current processor, or at least
stay in the P5 range.  However, I need some recs. or
pointers to good, linux compatible P6 boards.



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