Serial probs with 1.2.x

Serial probs with 1.2.x

Post by Adrian Clo » Fri, 21 Apr 1995 04:00:00


Recently I upgraded my kernel to 1.2.2 and started noticing CRC errors on
file downloads with minicom and rz.  I confirmed this problem using a
serial cable and null modem with another local machine.
The errors are less frequent, but still present at lower baud rates (I
didn't go lower than 2400 and no higher than 38400)...

The strangest thing is, it only happens on my 486!  I tried it with a 386
also running 1.2.2 and had no problems.  Upgrading to 1.2.4 made no

Does this sound familiar to anyone?  Any advice appreciated!

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1. Printing probs w Deb 1.2 & kernel 2.0.27

Since installing Debian 1.2 and the 2.0.27 kernel I can't print to my
9-pin printer. I used to have no problem with Slakware kernel 1.2.13
and I have no problem under W95, so the hardware works.

I have network working well and can telnet, and ftp all over so I know
the TCP/IP is also working, if this is a concern.

I get an error when I boot:
"lp:driver configured but no interface found. "

lpc reports:
$ /usr/sbin/lpc
lpc> status
        queuing is enabled
        printing is enabled
        2 entries in spool area
        waiting for lp to become ready (offline ?)

System: PCI Cyrix 6x86. 32 Megs ram lots of HD space.
                   io        IRQ  
W95 reports:       0x378     7

When I issue a print job with lpr filename.txt, for example, the job
is put on queue but never runs. If I try to kill the job with lprm
<job#>, the job is not killed unless I kill it as root.

I've seen a few posts with similar problems but not feedback from
anyone yet.

If anyone has any ideas or other tests or questions for me, please let
me know.

Thanx for your attention,

Ed Young  NL7FU

Ed Young


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