Will a Qlogic SCSI controller work?

Will a Qlogic SCSI controller work?

Post by Brian Bebe » Thu, 09 Mar 1995 12:42:35

Is a Qlogic PCI SCSI controller supported? I just bought a system from
a local outfit and they originally said I would get a Buslogic controller.
Instead I got a DTC VLB controller. I complained and they replaced it,
but when I got it home, it still wasn't a Buslogic, but a Qlogic (close
enough for Windows I guess) FAST!SCSI PCI controller. Is this a supported
card or should I complain again?

Also, I paid for a Diamond Stealth with VRAM and got a Stealth with
DRAM the first time. The second time I got VRAM but in a Diamond Viper.
Is the Viper supported as well as the Stealth or should I complain about
that too (especially if I'm going to complain about the controller anyway).
I'm getting rather frustrated. Quick replies will be appreciated. Thanks.

Brian Bebeau                    |  IBS at AT&T Network Systems


1. How well does Qlogic PCI SCSI controller work with Linux?

I'm thinking about getting a PCI Qlogic SCSI controller (the fast/wide
version).  I need to know whether or not it supports multiple
outstanding commands, connect/disconnect (Does it let one SCSI device,
say a tape drive, detach from the bus while another device, say a hard
drive, is operating?  I've heard this used to be a *big* problem on
the NCR SCSI adapters), and does it negotiate for a wide transfer
(in other words, does the driver take full advantage of its
capabilities?)???  I grabbed the readme file for the Qlogic kernel
patch off of sunsite.unc.edu and from what I've been able to
determine the Qlogic driver can do all of the things I just
mentioned.  So, basically, I'd just like to get someone's
informed opinion on how well this driver works and how stable
it is.  I believe, if I'm not mistaken, that the patch was supposed
to be applied to version 1.2.13 of the kernel.  Is this correct?

Any help would be greatly appreciated...I'm not a hardware guru
so I could really use some assistance.  BTW, what kind of
transfer rate could one typically get with this card and how
does it compare with fast/wide controllers made by NCR,
Adaptec, and Buslogic?  My understanding is that this
controller has a RISC processor on-board which I presume
would offload a lot of I/O chores from the system CPU
and thus increase throughput and lessen CPU utilization.
BTW, Insight sells this adapter for $289 (US dollars).
Is this a good price for one of these?


P.S., is there a kernel image available that *already* has
support for this driver?  I'd really like to be able to
boot-up with a kernel that will automatically recognize
this controller...this will save me the trouble of
having to boot-up on a different controller and then
making a kernel that has Qlogic support in it.

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