Linux COL & multiport cards

Linux COL & multiport cards

Post by Farma » Tue, 14 Jul 1998 04:00:00

I have to install a multiport card on Caldera Linux 1.2  (2.0.33) ,
(PC : Siemens Primergy 060 with 64Mb)

the first i tried was Specialix SI with 8 ports, i got driver from, installed and compiled the kernel, but booting the
system i got this error:
"Card Ram faild at location 0x0. Wrote 0x0, read 0xfe"
the card was set to 0x0d0000 address

then i tried the equinox SST-4I using the driver on Equinox CD-Rom.
The installation phase it's ok, the ssdiag utility found the card, but
when i try to use a port with some application (ssdiag too) i got
kernel panic.

Is there anyone that was able to install, configure and use one of the
above multiport cards ?



Linux COL & multiport cards

Post by Support Dep » Tue, 14 Jul 1998 04:00:00

Quote:>I have to install a multiport card on Caldera Linux 1.2  (2.0.33) ,
>(PC : Siemens Primergy 060 with 64Mb)

Cyclades is very dedicated to supporting Linux.  You might want to check out
the multiport cards.

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I hope you'll send me some informations about caldera openlinux 2.2 system.
I can't to assign each door to tty create when I install a multiport PCCOM 8
board, when I use the
setserial /dev/ttyS4 irq 5 port 0x0280 autoconfig the program send me this
message: /dev/ttyS4: no such device, although the devices tty from 4 to 11
are created with makedev command.
Do I need to recompile kernel?
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Why do terminals run if I replace it with another getty (getty 2.0.7j)?

I wait for your fast answer.

Thank you.

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