PPP and theramp.net?

PPP and theramp.net?

Post by allen kurt savegna » Fri, 14 Aug 1998 04:00:00


   Anyone using inforamp (theramp.net) as an ISP?  I switched over to 'em
as they had a local number and I was advised that there were some Linuxer's
using PPP successfully.  If I can get my PPP link to work it would get me
on my way to almost eliminate MS stuff on my machine.  I changed to
inforamp because they were local, had the v.90 protocol and their tech
support had mentioned that they knew of some folks who used Linux.

   If anyone is using inforamp for PPP can you send me the protocol you're
using.  (ie.  PAP, CHAP, none, MS-PAP or custom script)  I don't need
the "exact" script  but which one.  I've tried PAP and one of the versions
of MS-PAP to no avail.

   My other provider, POL, uses a proprietary software that I nor anyone
else has been able to crack to get into our accounts.  The ISP is unwilling
to say anything about the situation but I expect it is because they do not
have much of a request for access through Linux.

                                        Best regards,
                                        Kurt Savegnago

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1. PPP and theramp.net


  Anyone out there using a PPP connection with Inforamp, Inc. service I want
to hear from you.  The server name is theramp.net.  I have been told that
there some Linuxers out there using their service from them under PPP and
I need to know what the setup is to get PPP to work with Netscape.

  I WANT TO GET THE MS STUFF OFF OF MY SYSTEM! I can't do that until I
am able to get some outside connectivity here.  So please, please send me
the info so I can get my connection right so I can get this "bloatware"
off of my computer.

  I think I can get DOSEMU to work so I can get my favorite communication
program to work and I would only have to keep a small DOS partition on my
machine so I can play a few simulations I like to work with.


                                        Best regards,
                                        Kurt Savegnago

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