Turn-key Networks

Turn-key Networks

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My name is Joe Fuller and I represent Compel Corporation.

We have been in the computer services industry since 1979 and have been
very successful at it. We offer network engineering, integration and
maintenance as well as other computer related services. We are a "one
stop shop" for all of your network needs as well as a general contractor
and an electrical contractor. We have offices across the west coast and
licenses abroad. We have worked on many projects nation wide as well as

There are no boundaries either geographically or vocationally to where
we will go to satisfy the customer.
Many have found that we can be very competitive abroad and that we can
save a lot of time in the process of a project because of our diversity.

For any questions on the Compel Companies, or if you have any technical
questions on your existing or planned network system(s), please visit
our web site at http://www.compel-corp.com or e-mail me at:

Fuller and I will put you in contact with one of our RCDDs or CNE/CNAs
for a free and no obligation consultation.

Thank you,

Joe Fuller
Compel Corp.


1. Linux distribution with turn-key NAT/proxy support

Can anyone recommend a linux distribution that has a turn-key
DHCP/NAT/Proxy server solution installed ?

Ken Onwere
Delta Internet Services - A Concentric Network company

Anaheim, CA 92805       http://www.concentric.net
(714)490-2000           http://www.delta.net  

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