LaserJet IIP and ghostscript; how much RAM?

LaserJet IIP and ghostscript; how much RAM?

Post by Dragos-Anton Manolesc » Thu, 23 Apr 1998 04:00:00

Would 4MB or RAM make any difference on an HPIIP that is hooked up to
a Linux box where 90% of the printing is done through ghostscript? If

bits. I am trying to decide whether having 4MB is better than
2MB. Does this memory requirement change if I install a PostScript




1. printcap for laserjet IIP

hi there,

A HP laserjet IIP printer is connected (parallel connection)to my PC
running Linux. How can I get it print ?

What is the script for Printcap for this Laserjet IIP printer connection ?

Besides editing the script what other command I have to run before I can
actually print ?

Thank You

Edwin Chow

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