success: FIC-PA2007 @75Mhz , Cyrix M2 PR200 @ 150Mhz, 2x32M LGS SDRAM, Slackware Linux 2.0.30

success: FIC-PA2007 @75Mhz , Cyrix M2 PR200 @ 150Mhz, 2x32M LGS SDRAM, Slackware Linux 2.0.30

Post by David L Pearc » Mon, 20 Oct 1997 04:00:00

> >I thought I'd post a success story since, when I was searching for
> >answers before making my purchase, it was the success stories that I
> >read in the newsgroups that were most valuable to me.

> >I have successfully put together and stress-tested (under Slackware
> >Linux 2.0.30) the following configuration:

> >  -- Cyrix M2 "MMX" PR200 chip (2x75Mhz = 150Mhz)

> >  -- 2x32M LGS SDRAM chips
> >  -- "3D" S3 ViRGE 4MB EDO RAM PCI video card (not heavily tested)

> >I wanted to get a single 64M DIMM, but I didn't for three reasons. First,
> >my dealer had the 2x32M LGS memory in stock. Second, I'd read that it
> >would work. Third, the currently shipping PA-2007's require a BIOS flash
> >(available on FIC's website) in order to run 64M and I didn't want to
> >bother having to do that. So if I ever want to upgrade, I will have to
> >sell my memory or something, but it works and I'm happy.

I'm curious about your comment on 64MB of RAM. I have the PA2007 with
the VP2 (590) VIA chipset and 1meg cache. I am running 1 EDO 64MB DIMM
and 2x32 EDO SIMMS, with no glitches to my knowledge (I am running NT
only, as I have had a problem getting the current 2.0.27 bootdisk with
special ncr875 support for RedHat 4.1 to install and get my system

Also, your board may be having the setup problem from being an older
board. My board detects my 2x75MHz Cyrix 200MMX properly. One thing I
noticed when setting my system up, though, was that the MB and the
manual tell two different stories about M2 setup. I used my manual's
parameters and it detected fine. I used the board's parameters and it
would not detect my M2 properly.

Could you elaborate on the 64MB problem and what the flash patch fixes
about it?

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