Acer Travelmate 613TXV internal SmartCardReader

Acer Travelmate 613TXV internal SmartCardReader

Post by Jens Zahne » Fri, 10 May 2002 07:57:32

I'm looking for a driver for the Internal SmardCard Reader of my notebook.
Where can I find such a driver?

The SmartCard Reader has been build by O2 Micro.



1. Acer Travelmate 613txv


i've come to a concolusion that the acer travelmate 610 series comes equip
with the Lucent LT 6.0 winmodem. I've tried the ltmodem 6.00b7 driver
and it works to the point where i can get responses to AT commands, but
it refuses to dial & you can't hear anything when it supposidly picks up the
line. This uses the Intel AC'97 chipset, as i beleive you need some special
AMR modem reiser driver, but what i don't see is i can get a response to
AT commands (by setting the memory regions focibly with the
Forced=11,0x2000,0x2400 parameter). I would be VERY VERY
appreciative if sumone could point me in the right direction to try get this
working.  :)

Kind Regards
Nigel Kukard

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