ide-drive>1024 cylinders and EZ-drive, no way!!!!

ide-drive>1024 cylinders and EZ-drive, no way!!!!

Post by Johann Friedrich Heinrichmey » Tue, 10 Oct 1995 04:00:00

Yesterday i got the impression, that a disk managed with ez-drive cant
be accessed with linux-1.3.32. :-(

With the new kernel all geometry information is recognized rigth ...
But where are all the partitions i see with ez-drive under dos?

Even dos (!:-;) reports that the first partition is corrupted (all
cylinders < 1024) when booted from a floppy disk!!!

Reading the docs of ez-drive i learned they call it a feature that the
harddisk is really only accessable through their boot-virus!

So bad luck for non pc-experts which want linux on one of their
partitions on their really cheap giga drives... Btw. a lot of people i
know failed in installing win95 also, maybe the same reason ...?

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