boca multi-port serial board bb1008

boca multi-port serial board bb1008

Post by David Keit » Fri, 20 Dec 1996 04:00:00

I have a Boca Research multi-port (8 port) serial board and I cannot
seem to get the serial ports to initialize correctly with setserial
on startup.  I'm using Linux 2.0 (Slackware 96) with just a stock
installation.  I have however uncommented the correct lines in
rc.serial and upon boot, the ports do list.  However, I cannot get any
data to or from the modems connected to the board.  Is there a trick
to getting this thing working?  I know the modems work because I can
connect them to /dev/cua1 and they each work.  If anyone has
suggestions or solutions, help is greatly appreciated.  Thanks for
your time.

David Keith


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I've called Boca research looking for the BB2016 16 port serial card
mentioned in serial-HOWTO(or one of the other HOWTO's).  They gave
me a list price.  Then I flipped through computer shopper looking for
anyone else that might sell them for less.  I was unable to find anyone.

Would someone be so kind as to tell me who I could call about this or
tell me what other boards will work with linux?


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