Any glaring incompatibilites?

Any glaring incompatibilites?

Post by Philip Hallstro » Sat, 25 Nov 1995 04:00:00

Hello all,
        I've read through the hardware faq and am pretty sure this will
all work with linux, but thought I'd pass it before you in case one of
you spots a something horrible.

16 MB RAM (not EDO)
ASUS P55TP4EXE w/ 256K Pipeline Cache
NCR SCSI PCI controller
Fujitsu 1GB SCSI2 10ms/5400RPM (sorry don't have model no.)
Nanao F217-EX
Sound Blaster 16
4x CD-ROM - either Sony 7070E, or Toshiba 5302


So there I was, snuggled in the leather seat of my brand new Ferrari.  I
had the oiled wooden gear shift in one hand, and the leather wrapped Momo in
the other. And, I had the stereo cranking _Born to be Wild_...  Only two
problems, I was upside down, and under six feet of water...


1. Any HW incompatibilites other than "WinModem"?

I'm looking for a new computer to run Debian 2.1 on.
Thanks to the linux NGs, I have been warned about WinModems
and their clones. Are there any other potential problems
to be wary of when buying a new machine?
Video drivers? Printers? Mice? Tape (or other) backup

Many thanks!


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