Drivers for C-Cube DVD decoder chips ??

Drivers for C-Cube DVD decoder chips ??

Post by Meteo » Fri, 14 Jan 2000 04:00:00

I've got a system with C-Cube Ziva DVD decoder chips. Is there any
information of the 'linux' driver for C-Cube Ziva chips?

It seems the Creative Dxr2 card uses Ziva chip.Somebody said
the linux driver can be obtained from, but
the site seems down these days. If you've downloaded it before,
could you send it to me?


1. anyone booted LOGISYS C-Cube or C Box from USB memory stick


Has anyone successfully booted a C-Cube or C Box or qbox  from logisys
via a USB flash memory stick

regarding BIOS requirements

ie: I want a small PC to put Linux on, *without* having to install
a hard disk in it :-)

Just want to boot from a small Linux distro on my USB memory stick
into RAM on the logisys with ram filesystem also. DOnt need
store data after booting, Just want to crunch some data and send it over
internal modem via ppp to a server.

Dont care about data retention.

Cheers / Frank

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