Help regarding printing from a Dbase exe program to print

Help regarding printing from a Dbase exe program to print

Post by Matt Kirsc » Thu, 16 Oct 1997 04:00:00

 > I bought an HP printer the 820CXI for windows. I 'm runing a DOS
 > program in windows '95 and would like to print using this program. At
 > moment I can't print due that I can't find a driver. Before I had a
 > P30 and could print using its driver which had an extenxion of: .pr2
 > do not remember the exact name of the driver but the extension is

This is wildly off topic. You posted what is clearly a DOS/Windows
question to a Linux newsgroup. If you posted here because you saw a rash
of DeskJet 820 posts, you made the wrong assumption. This newsgroup is
not an HP 820 Q&A group, it is a newsgroup for hardware problems related
to the Linux operating system. Please read news.announce.newusers for
information on posting and nettiquite.

 > I would be very helpful if suggest a some sort of fixtures which can
 > me printing using this program. The program is writen in DBase and
 > program unfortunately died 2 weeks ago. This program is very vital
for a
 > business which currently I am working with. The program has a utility
 > change the drivers name.

Forget it. The DeskJet 820 is a Windows 95-ONLY printer. It will only
print using the Windows 95 printer drivers from Windows 95 applications.
It will not print from DOS, Linux, Windows NT, OS/2, SCO Unix, or any
flavour of BSD. There is no way the printer will ever work in any OS
other than Windows 95, because it was specifically designed and crippled
to work only in Windows 95. There is no plans for support in any other
operating system other than Windows 95, and you can't create your own
support because you need very specific information that HP will not give
to you under any circumstances.

Your only solution is to buy a different printer. If you're stuck on the
DeskJet line, the 870 or the 890 are good choices of printers with
similar printing capability, but a much wider OS support base.




I tried to install my HP deskjet 520 under Linux since a long time
but I always have a lot of problems

The last one is that when i start a job linux can't start the daemon
printer but i have followed the HOWTO for the permissions

I search the EXACTLY FILES and the GOODS PERMISSIONS that i have to
             ^^^^^^^^^^^^^         ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
use and if possible a GOOD FILTER for the HP DESKJET 520 printer
                      ^^^^^^^^^^^         ^^^^^^^^^^
(filter to solve the staircase effect )


I hope a lot of GOOD responses via mail only



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