Linux on ASUS A2000H Notebook Series

Linux on ASUS A2000H Notebook Series

Post by M?ns Rullg? » Fri, 03 Oct 2003 16:50:17

>    Hi all, I'm considering purchasing an ASUS A2500H notebook and I want
> to install Linux on it, most likely using the RH9 distribution.  Has
> anyone had experience with Linux on this series of machines?  (There are
> no entries about it on the linux-laptops site.)  I've installed and run
> Linux on
> desktops for many years, but this will be my first notebook experiment.

>    From my research so far I expect to find incomplete support for the
> SiS650M video chipset (no 3D acceleration, but sufficient for my needs),

My Asus M2400E has that video chip, and it's working with no problems.

Quote:> and I might have to upgrade to the most recent kernel to implement ACPI
> support.  Of course the on board modem will also probably be a WinModem,

ACPI is a little flaky, at least with Linux 2.6.0-testX.  I haven't
tried the modem.

Quote:> but that's not a big concern.  Should I be expecting any additional and
> perhaps more serious problems?

None that I am aware of.

M?ns Rullg?rd