monitor specs

monitor specs

Post by Lee Parke » Thu, 29 Apr 1999 04:00:00

Does anyone know or know where to look for the specs on a Radio ShackVGM-480
svga monitor?


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monitor specs

Post by Neil Steadm » Sun, 02 May 1999 04:00:00

>Does anyone know or know where to look for the specs on a Radio ShackVGM-480
>svga monitor?

  Have you tried... The internet?

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1. Monitor specs needed for old SGI monitor

Hi there.
The subject says it all really. We have here an old SGI 4D35 standing
around that we don't really want to use for anything else then for
http server/file storage. However, the monitor is still good and I
could easily link it up to my Linux PC, if only I had the timing
specs needed for XFree86 (Hsync, Vsync, etc etc) - I know it runs at
1280x1024, 60Hz - I guess it's fixed freq.
The model number is


What I need to generate eventually is something like this, but for

     # Horizontal Sync = 31.5kHz
     # Timing: H=(0.95us, 3.81us, 1.59us), V=(0.35ms, 0.064ms, 1.02ms)
     # name        clock   horizontal timing     vertical timing      flags
      "640x480"     25.175  640  664  760  800    480  491  493  525

and what I need for that are all the timing specs (Hsync, Vsync, pulse
widths etc etc). Can anybody help? Alternatively, can anybody tell me who
manufactures these really? Is it Sony? Philips?

Another thing: at the back it has 4 Coax connectors (one for each colour,
one for sync), but it only uses the three colour connectors. Does this
mean it overlays sync on one of the colours (green)? Can it handle it if
I were to use the fourth connector from my sync on my video card, or do I
have to switch my card to sync-on-green?
Can anybody help?


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