RedHat 5.0 can't find my FutureDomain TMC850 SCSI card

RedHat 5.0 can't find my FutureDomain TMC850 SCSI card

Post by Chip Olso » Thu, 19 Mar 1998 04:00:00

I'm trying to get RedHat Linux 5.0 to recognize my Future Domain TMC850
SCSI host adapter. I've installed the kernel module for it and added a line
for it to the configuration file for initrd, but when booting, it says
something like "found 0 adapters". The kernel module configuration utility
has a place to put parameters for the device, which I assume means things
like the IRQ, but nowhere (in the documentation, the HOWTOs or the Web) can
I find any information on how those parameters should be formatted.

The adapter works fine under DOS, so I don't think it's a IRQ conflict or
anything like that. Any suggestions would be hugely appreciated.



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I'm trying to install Linux 1.2.13 from the CD accompanying the
O'Reilly Linux books.

I've followed the install instructions to the point where it's
looking to install stuff off the CD-ROM but complains that it can't
find the CD-ROM. ( SCSI card is Adaptec 2940)

I've tried boot0033.img and boot0035.img without success. The doco
refers to a aha274x device driver for the card but it's unclear from
the RedHat doco which of the 19 or so images has that driver (sigh).

Any ideas ? I've browsed the readme's without enlightenment.

My clone is PCI-based. DOS/Windows can access the CD-ROM OK.

- Gary

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