Can you install Linux on a Microchannel (MCA) machine?

Can you install Linux on a Microchannel (MCA) machine?

Post by Sol Lightma » Mon, 11 Aug 1997 04:00:00

:  I have an IBM Model 80 microchannel machine that I want to install Linux
: on. I was wondering if there was a distrabution out there that supports
: microchannel.

Debian 1.3.1 comes with MCA support turned on in the kernel.  If it's
an SCSI system there is a good chance you can get it running without
recompiling your own kernel.  If you do, make sure to post your
success story to linux.debian.user.  If not, mail me a description
on how it failed.

Brian S. Julin


1. Can you install Linux on a Microchannel (MCA) machine?

Yes you can.  I've done it myself (fortunately a SCSI system--much easier
that way).

check out

That page contains a couple of disk images that you need to boot the system
as "normal" boot disks won't work.  Once you have it booted you can install
normally with slackware or whatever distribution you want.  I didn't have a
CD-ROM so i got to do a floppy-install (not much fun).

Good luck

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