Old Dos games on Win95 with Cyrix chip

Old Dos games on Win95 with Cyrix chip

Post by Andrew Ho » Tue, 24 Feb 1998 04:00:00

I heard there are some problems with Cyrix chip in Win95 or Dos' games.
Does anyone has this kind of infomation?

My girlfriend tried to run the old Dos-based game call "Theme Park", but
the computer got freeze up from time to time (quite often).  I used to
run perfectly fine with this old game in my Pentium 75 system.  So, I am
thinking if there is something wrong with the Cyrix CPU to run the Dos,
Win95 games.  If this problem does exsist, is it any patch to fix this

Besides, I have no problem with the operating system.  Win95, Windows NT
and Linux works fine with my Cyrix chip.

Thanks in advance!!!

Andrew Hon


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Hello - this may seem like a slightly odd request, but i am looking for
an MS-DOS emulator, something approximatally equivelent to a 286 running
MS-DOS 5.0.  Look on further for my specific requirements/what I am
trying to do

Project Purpose -

Remember the days of BBS?  Remember countless hours wasted on door
games, particularly L.O.R.D.  Well, back in the day, I bought a
registration key for LORD, and would like to put it to good use again.
I need a DOS emulator that can emulate enough of the system to display
ANSI well and run a text based adventure game.  It must also have disk
r/w access.  All i really know about the game's structure is that it was
originally coded in pascal, most likely turbo pascal 7.

Any help is appreciated, and also appreciated would be a good resource
for the set up of the emulator.  PCemu in the ports collection has very
little documentation

thanks - jon


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