controlling parallelport via cgi (perl + apache)

controlling parallelport via cgi (perl + apache)

Post by xochipill » Tue, 24 Dec 2002 04:36:05

Hy to all readers,..
I'm trying to control the parallelport of my Server, running SuSE linux 7.3
professional, with perl cgi scripts running on a apache webserver. To access
the parport device i succsessfully installed the device::parallelport and
the device::parallelport::parport modules from CPAN. i also gave the rights
to the webuser to access the /dev/parport0

    use Device::ParallelPort;
    my $port = Device::ParallelPort->new(parport:0);
i got the handle for the first parallel port.

First i set and deleted some bits with
    $port->set_bit($bitnr, $value);     # $bitnr= 0 - 23   $value= 0 or 1
the first byte (8bits 0-7) is the statusbyte (379h), the second byte (bits
8-15) is the controlbyte (37Ah), and the third byte is the data byte (379h).

and read the status of some bits with
this worked fine at the first tries,...
but then i wrote a little perl script which read the status of all bits and
give links to set and unset them, and i recognised, when i set a bit in the
databyte sometimes an other bit (in the data byte) also will get set or
i can't find an answer to this,..
What am i doing wrong?
u can take a look at
PLS help me,..



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