4x cdrom drives

4x cdrom drives

Post by Ganesh Kum » Wed, 12 Apr 1995 04:00:00

I have the TEAC quad speed as well & as many have pointed out in the pc cdrom group,
I haven't been able to better 3x speeds for most practical configurations. More
importantly however LINUX does not recognize this drive (I have the Ygddarsil LINUX
plug&play CDROM). I would therefore like to return this drive & get a 'real' 4x drive.
Any suggestions for a 4x that works well with LINUX (this is important) are very
welcome. Thanks !

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I recently purchased a Teac SuperQuad CD-55A cdrom drive that is not
currently supported by linux.  Does anybody out there have an idea of
where I can find a driver for this drive even if it is only an ALPHA
driver/patch.  If you do please send me a message here and if possible


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