Video card

Video card

Post by ACS » Fri, 27 Aug 1999 04:00:00

I've been using a rather old Creative Labs card on my OpenLinux/RedHat 6.0
box but I'm tired of having to run graphics programs in 640x480 screens to
prevent system lockups and crashes.  I'm looking for a new video card and
would like to know which, if any, new cards on the market work really well
with OpenLinux 2.2 and RedHat 6.0.

And how do you go about swapping video cards in Linux?  Do you change the
drivers first then power down, install the new card, and then start the
computer again?  Or should I install some sort of generic video display
driver (VGA), put in the new card then install the new drivers?  I've not
quite figured this part out yet with Linux.

B. Bye


Video card

Post by LhD Administrato » Mon, 30 Aug 1999 04:00:00

> And how do you go about swapping video cards in Linux?  Do you change the

Well, any card will work in text mode, so you can set everything up in
text mode, then go into X.  Same for framebuffers, basically.
Or you could switch the settings, then switch the cards, but that leaves
less room for error.  There is also telnetting into the box if you do end
up in some incompatible video state and need to tweak the settings.

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