D-link G520 wireless network card

D-link G520 wireless network card

Post by John Smit » Mon, 26 Jul 2004 12:25:57

Has anyone had any success in getting this wireless network card working
under Linux?  Where can I get a driver?




1. wireless card D-link 520 on SuSe 8.1

I am pulling my hair out over this.  I first tried the  520+ series but I
found out there was no opensource drivers yet and does not support the new
chipset.  So I have install D-Link DWL -520 wireless PCI Adapter.  I do see
the card uses the Prism chipset.  I think that is good? The computer
the card wonderfully.  But....I am having trouble from there.

First I went modified /etc/sysconfig/eth0 and changed wireless='no' to
wireless='yes'  I then changed the wireless settings
    operating mode = ' manage'
    networkname (ESSID) = 'default' (this is what the router is set to by
    default for at the present.)

Next I did a rcnetwork reboot.  I get the following error:  
    ifup-wireless: command 'iwconfig eth0 mode managed' returned
     ifupwireless: Error for wireless request "Set Mode" (8B06): Set failed
     device eth0 operation not supported.

I get several of these types of errors and, of course, the card does not
to the router.  I looked through the knowledge base and the archived mail
list and did not see anything that leads me to a solution.  I am sure I am
overlooking something.    

I am really feeling stupid about this and hate to ask, but can anyone please
lend a guiding hand.  Thanks very much.


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