Exabyte Eagle96

Exabyte Eagle96

Post by James O. Chamberlain, Jr » Thu, 30 Jan 1997 04:00:00

        I just bought a Exabyte Eagle96 Tape backup unit it came with the
accellorator card. I am currently running Redhat 4.0 w/ kernel 2.0.18. I
download ftape 3.02 which from the "vendors.h" says it supports this
drive & accellerator card. I installed the ftape distribution in my
kernel source and everything compliled nicely. When I rebooted and tried
to access the drive I get a steady stream of errors to the messages file

        "ftape-ctl.c (ftape_get_drive_status)-error status set"

What does this error mean and what can I do to get around this. Is it a
problem with the accellorator card? or the fact that I have a pci(Triton
II) motherboard?

Thanks for your help in advance.

James Chamberlain


1. Exabyte Eagle96

I just picked up one of these drives from
CompUSA for the low low price of $99.

Now my question is this:  Anyone know
how well it (or the included 'FDE'
card, with an 82078-1 controller)
works w/ Linux 2.0.0 kernel?

I have yet to get the FDE to work
(though I think I know where to go
with that).  Without it, my stock
FDC only does 500k/sec so I had to
go into Windoze and reformat the
tape to 3010 (it was a 3020).

It so far _seems_ to work, but was
wondering if anyone had any experiences
pro/con.  Also, is there an 'idiots'
guide (I didn't see it in the HOW-TO)
how to get FTAPE to 'talk' to my

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