Printing control characters to a printer with LPR

Printing control characters to a printer with LPR

Post by Trevor Wel » Wed, 14 Jan 1998 04:00:00

I was wondering if you had any input on how to print through linux.
If I try to print foo.txt to the printer with the command:

cat foo.txt > /dev/lp1

The above works well.  However I want to spool the job so I want to
use the command "lpr".  So the command :

lpr -s foo.txt

should work( -s for symbolic link because I am not in the spool
directory ).  This prints the exact same garbage over and over no
matter what file I am trying to print.  I added a very generic entry
to "printcap" in the etc directory.  Nothing fancy, and no filter

Any thoughts?



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Hi All,

I have config. a print queue on solaris 8 (x86 ver), but all the result is
wrong (I just type something (text) by vi), because all the line feed and
carriage return not function on the output, did anyone how to make the
control character can print out like produce by the printer driver on m$
windows (because I just using lpr to connect to the network printer, and
there have no driver support on unix) ?

Thanks alot

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