S3-968 chipset, card called S500???

S3-968 chipset, card called S500???

Post by Mikael Abrahamss » Tue, 05 Sep 1995 04:00:00

I've been offered a great deal on a S3-968-chipset graphics card with 4
megs of ram, and the card is called S500. Couldnt get any more info from
the salesperson, I asked what brand it was, etc, but he said that the
name of the card was S500, and that was it. It contains MPEG-support and
some other stuff, but I don't really care about that. I just want to know
if it's supported by Xfree 3.1.2, as I can't find this perticular card in
the S3-readme file. It does contain some other S3-968 cards, but I guess
they differ from each other.

Please, if anyone could help?! If you look at the specs, this is a really
good card.

(It also has that SUN-connector with RGB, apart from the normal 15pin
SVGA-connector, so I can use SUNmonitors too...)

Thanks in advance.
Mikael Abrahamsson

Student vid Institutionen f|r Informatik vid Lunds Universitet, Sweden.


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