Need Help w/ using SCSI QIC drive to read tapes from floppy QIC

Need Help w/ using SCSI QIC drive to read tapes from floppy QIC

Post by Jeffrey Templo » Fri, 10 Jan 1997 04:00:00


Red Hat Linux 4.0, adaptec 2940UW SCSI controller, Conner CTT-8000S
QIC drive (supports writing to TR-4, and reading from a
variety of QIC formats).

I wrote several backup tapes using the excellent Linux 'ftape'
driver package on my previous system.  They were TR-1 tapes,
which I understand to be QIC-80 format, but wider physically
(width of the tape.)

I'm running into trouble trying to read these tapes on my SCSI
drive on the new machine.  I *can* write to the drive, and
read from it; if I put one of the ftape-written tapes in,
however, I find the following:

o need several read attempts in order to space over to the
  start of the data (different ideas about file marks??)
o need to strip out 3k of junk after each 29k of data (ECC
  code written by ftape)
o after reading  12550144 bytes of data, the tape drive begins
  to seek around quite a bit, and then the scsi tape driver
  reports 'medium errors' and 'read errors', then quits.
  My guess is that the end-of-track and begin-of-track codes
  on the tape are different between ftape and SCSI, and after
  reading a whole track, it gives up ... this is a GUESS.

Does anyone have *any* ideas on how to work around this?
Since it is happening at the driver level, I don't know how
to do any of my standard tricks (using dd + a filter, for example.)

Any help is sincerely appreciated.  Also, solutions for how to
dump the tape under win95 to disk are OK (I tried the backup
program that came with the drive, but it only lets you restore
after selecting the files to restore, which of course I cannot

                                Jeff Templon