Problem with Ambient/Cirrus 5628 fax

Problem with Ambient/Cirrus 5628 fax

Post by Guus Zijlstr » Fri, 26 May 2000 04:00:00

I have a Ambient/Cirrus 5628 fax/voice/modem, but
cannot get it to operate on a 2.2.14 debian installation

Efax cannot find the device. I have tried /dev/ttyS1,
/dev/ttyS2 and /dev/ttyS3. The last two give a tcgettadr
error. The first one produces the following output:

root ~ # efax -d /dev/ttyS1
efax: Thu May 25 16:09:37 2000 efax v 0.8a (Debian release 08a-6)
Copyright 1996 Ed Casas
efax: 09:37 opened /dev/ttyS1
efax: 09:43 sync: dropping DTR
efax: 09:48 sync: sending escapes
efax: 09:53 Error: sync: modem not responding
efax: 09:53 done, returning 4

What can I do to fix this? Where to look?

My kernel is custom built with telephony support.
Does the modem require modules? I cannot find any
in /proc/modules that have to do with.

Is it a PNP problem? It is enabled in the kernel.
pnpdump finds no boards. A bios setting?

'% fax test' gives a seg. fault on line 1129.

Any help greatly appreciated.
Guus Zijlstra.


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