Toshiba Libretto -> Ricoh MMP6200 CD-R/CD-RW drive via PCMCIA SCSI2

Toshiba Libretto -> Ricoh MMP6200 CD-R/CD-RW drive via PCMCIA SCSI2

Post by ARTG » Sun, 29 Nov 1998 04:00:00

I am trying to locate Linux SCSI drivers for a NewMedia NMC00505 PCMCIA card in
order to use a Ricoh external CD Writer from Linux, as well as drivers for the
MMP6200 CD writer itself.  If drivers
for the NewMedia card are not available, is there a suggested PCMCIA SCSI2 card
for this particular configuration?
Art Grant


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Hi everybody

I will buy a new PC to get rid of M$ (my old one is too slow and the
disk too
I would like to install the new drive of Ricoh MP7060, which can deal
with all
known disks. But it's not in SuSe's list of supported HW. Did anybody
tried it?
Ricoh's support told me that no special driver is required. Is this

Thanks a lot

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