Olivetti 5040 mit Linux ??

Olivetti 5040 mit Linux ??

Post by Joerg Spilke » Sun, 31 Oct 1999 04:00:00


i got an old LSX 5040 system manufactured by Olivetti. EISA Mainboard
with 2 processor boards equipped with 486 DX2-66 and 64MB Ram. Internal
EISA E/A Board with IDE and SCSI Controller. EISA SCSI Controller with
AMD 29000-20GC as "biggest" chip. EISA TP Ethernet card with a chip
A82596SX-20 from Intel. Currently installed is a Sys V R.4 clone by
Olivetti. I would like to run this machine with Linux. I tried to boot
an "old" SuSE Linux 5.0. It working, but of course the SCSI and Network
cards are the problems. None of the drivers for AMD SCSI Controllers are
Intel network cards seems to work. Do you think there is a chance to get
the system running with Linux ?

Greetings, Joerg


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I have acquired this thing for the "right" price.  

1.)  Is it a Worm?
2.)  What drivers are nessecary to work with a PC and DOS?  Windows3.1 ?
3.)  How about Linux?
4.)  What is it worth?

I appreciate your help.   I think it is capable of 800+MB, but that is all
I know.

Thanks very much,

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