Pack. Bell w/ IDE/Atapi Matsus. CDrom CR-572?

Pack. Bell w/ IDE/Atapi Matsus. CDrom CR-572?

Post by Albert Schuell » Thu, 10 Aug 1995 04:00:00

I've been running Linux for about 6mos.  It's a great OS... but I haven't
been able to get it to see my CDrom (IDE/Atapi Matsushita CR-572.  It came
with the Packard Bell Legend 204CD (which I am happy to report, runs Linux
quite well with 16Mb ram).

I've tried all the latest kernels and patches with no luck.  I suspect
that the CD is connected at a funny (non-standard) irq and/or port
address.  How can I find out the irq and port address?  Or, better yet,
how can I just make the thing work?

Obligatory Contribution:  I have hacked a fairly good modeline for the
monitor that came with this PB204CD if anyone wants it (roughly 800x600)?

Thanks in advance for your help.


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Albert W. Schueller       ___   __o         University of Kentucky, Math
Fax:  606-257-4078       ____ _'\<,_        Phone: 606-257-1443 (office)


1. Panasonic/Matshita CR-572 IDE/ATAPI CD-ROM

My PC has a Panasonic/Matshita CR-572 IDE/ATAPI CD-ROM.  When I boot Linux
(Slackware - I customized the kernel with sbpcd.c), it finds the CD-ROM,
but then it says:

Check region: 170 is not free.

Then it goes ahead and mounts the CD-ROM.

0x170 (IRQ 15) *is* the CD-ROM's address.  I even called the manufacturer
to confirm it.  That's also where my DOS partition finds it.

Does anybody know what's going on here?  How do I fix this?

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