100MBit FX (fibre) card?

100MBit FX (fibre) card?

Post by Christian Hau » Sat, 04 Mar 2000 04:00:00


I'd like to build up a router / filter with linux. Infrastructure
dictates 3 FX (fibre) ports and 1 TX (twisted pair) port. I'd like to
have some recommandations on network cards before spending > $1k on

The local hardware dealers sell two different cards

    3com 905B-FX
    Allied Telesyn AT-2700 FX (AMD PCnet Fast+ chipset)

both cards are available as TX variants as well. I'd like to buy 4
cards from one family, e.g. 3x 905B-FX + 1x 905B-TX or 3x AT-2700FX +
1x AT-2700TX.

Do the drivers support both FX and TX variants?
Do the drivers support 4 card instances?
What do you think about those cards?

As the AT-2700 costs about 20% less than the 905B I'm inclined to buy
from Allied Telesyn.