Sound on Pico Laptop

Sound on Pico Laptop

Post by Neill Mitchel » Wed, 07 Apr 1999 04:00:00

Hi. Got a Pico laptop with an OPL3-SA soundchip. Tried it compiled into
the kernel and as modules. Linux finds the chip, but in /proc/sound
theres no audio or mixer devices. Has anyone got sound to work on a Pico
Consul ?

1. Red Hat V5.2 and Pico Consul laptop (CDROM & mouse)

I have installed the Red Hat V5.2 Linux with updates in my Pico Consul
laptop. I am currently having problems with the mouse and CD-ROM.

When trying to mount the CD-Rom by 'mount /mnt/cdrom' or 'mount
/dev/cdrom' I am getting the following error 'mount: fs type iso9660 not
supported by kernel'.
I was still able to mount the CD-Rom in the root before starting the
startx program (xdisplay). The CD-Rom was also working properly when I
was using the startx for the first time but after exiting from the
program it has not been working either in the root or in the startx.

The mouse does not work at all. I chose the mouse which the LINUX
installation program was suggesting (PS/2). I have also tried an
external mouse which is not working.

I would really appreciate anykind of comments or hints.


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