Boca modem won't reset.

Boca modem won't reset.

Post by Albert Schuell » Tue, 04 Nov 1997 04:00:00

I recently purchased a boca 33Kbps modem for the linux machine in my
office.  I'm trying to set it up so that I can dial in from home.
I can successfully dialup from home and do whatever, even ppp.  The problem
is that I can only do it once.  After I disconnect from the modem, if I
redial the modem won't pick up.  If I return to my office and kill uugetty,
it respawns and all is well again... for one dialup.

I've read the serial-howto.  I suspect that it's my init string.  I've read
my modem manual and tried several different init strings, but none seem to
work.  Anybody have a boca modem that behaves properly?  If so, could you
fill me in?



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1. uugetty won't reset modem

Well, I've fought with this long enough on my own, time to ask. :)
I've got a bunch of USR sportster 14.4k modems attached to a multiport
serial board (16550s) connected to my Linux box (kernel 1.1.35) being
serviced by uugetty (getty_ps-2.0.7e w/jpm patches). After I boot it up,
all the modems init properly and sit ready for calls. You can call in
sucessfully, log in, etc. After you hang up, uugetty is supposed to
reinit the modem, but it doesn't. The modem won't accept any more calls.
However, if i kill the getty process for that port, it will then reinit
and the modem will accept another (1) incoming call.
I'm using the gettydefs that came with getty_ps, and the
uugetty.autoanswer file (transfered to conf.uugetty.ttyS16-ttyS23).
I've tried diddling every option I could find in getty_ps with no luck.
If you've got any ideas, please lemme know.


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