*** Sony CPD-15SF1 (trinitron) - please comment it ***

*** Sony CPD-15SF1 (trinitron) - please comment it ***

Post by Matt Nemenma » Sat, 01 Apr 1995 04:00:00


I'm going to buy Sony CPD-15SF1 monitor, to run
Linux and X windows on it. Does anybody ever had some troubles in
configuration of this monitor with X windows? What was the maximum
resolution achieved with reasonable image quality?
In general, I'm intrested in all that you know about this monitor.

Please, mail me directly together with posting to this newgroup.




1. Tseng 4000/Sony Trinitron CPD-1303

i'm looking for information - ANY information that may be of use to me in
setting up linux and/or x on these components. the monitor is multi-sync,
but not multi-scan. there is a CPD-1430 monitor in the monitors list, but
that one does not work. i dont need clocks or any of that, and i have no
manuals, etc. this combo has worked in the past. too bad drive crashed, sigh.
thanks in advance,

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