Rage Fury MAXX

Rage Fury MAXX

Post by dust22d.. » Wed, 22 Mar 2000 04:00:00

I have an ATI Rage Fury MAXX and can't get
Xwindows to work w/ it.  Has anybody gotten a
Maxx to work?  If so, please email me -

Thanx in advance : )

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1. ATI Rage FURY MAXX 64Mo


    I am about to buy an ATI Rage Fury MAXX, but I wonder if it
will be recogniezed by linux ? I've read many different things
on linhardware.com  such as : it is perfectly working , but also
It doesn't work at all. Somebody said it was recognized but
the X server locks all the time.

    So has any MAXX user encountered problems with it on linux
or is it simply recognized as a rage 128 pro and working good.
(It  's sur I don't need the full power of the card under linux, I just
want it to work fine).


                Laurent Bruasse

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