Pentium Motherboards?

Pentium Motherboards?

Post by Mat » Sun, 28 Jun 1998 04:00:00

Since most everyone here is of a more computer wise background, I was
wondering if anyone had any comments they would like to make regarding
the purchase of new Pentium motherboards.  Which are of better
quality, which are most stable, I guess just all around good boards?
I've seen alot of DFI's, ABITs and Supermicros, any comments?

How about for a board of a PII server? I was looking at the Supermicro

Anyone have any comments?



I have some questions about (the ASUS) dual pentium motherboards:

1. How "good" is Linux kernel support for these boards? Are tasks
allocated effectively across both processors? Can the task
allocation be controlled (i.e. system & X on one CPU, user
tasks on the other?

2. Let's say I wanted to get a dual processor MB for future
expansion/upgrade but I didn't want to buy two processors
right off the bat. Can I run the board with only one CPU

3. How does dos/Windows cope with a two processor system?
I know they can't use the second CPU, but will dos/Windows
still run on a dual processor board?

4. Open-ended question: is there anything else I should know
before buying a dual processor motherboard?


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