Terminal server visa 16 com port

Terminal server visa 16 com port

Post by Ronald Wipling » Tue, 13 Feb 1996 04:00:00

I am trying to figure out what would fit best for me, and how I can
solve details. Please help me "thinking".

I run out of com ports. I solved it first with a 4 com port adapter,
than a second machine (different user), now I think it would best to use
a terminal server (16 ports + later the extension for 32 ports).

A terminal server is more expensive than a 16 com port adapter. How does
it work? Where are the password files, how do I control it? Can I use
more than one terminal server on the lan? I think each com port will
need one IP-address. How will I set them? Since a terminal server has no
keyboard / monitor / harddisk (???) I guess it will be set via "telnet"
(?). How save is this? Could somebody (e.g, you) change settings on my
terminal server? How about memory? How about accounting? Is it necessary
to install shadow and NYS ?? Can I prepare something before I buy the

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My apologies to all those who have already answered this type of question
before, basically its been left up to me to decide on what kind of
multiport serial card to get.  So from what I've read I'm probably going
to go for the Cyclades, and would appreciate any feedback (positive or
points of concern) on these.

Thanks in advance,                                              Shannon

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