Zip Drives, Parport, Curtin, and 2.0.30

Zip Drives, Parport, Curtin, and 2.0.30

Post by Jeffrey Anderso » Wed, 16 Jul 1997 04:00:00

I've followed the discussions about Zip drives, read the (very old and
out of date) ZIP-Howto, and visited,
and I'm still having some trouble with my parallel port zip drive.
Maybe someone here can help.

This is the driver situation as I understand it:
The official 2.0.30 kernel sources come with the CURTIN ppa driver,
version 1.08, and no parport support.  

There is a patch against the 2.0.30 sources that introduces parport

The current version of the CURTIN ppa driver is 1.22.  The code for
this driver comes in two forms, one with parport support and one
without.  The README that comes with the driver source says that the
parport enabled version is for 2.1.x kernels, and the other version is
for 2.0.x kernels.

So...  Which version should be used for kernel 2.0.30, with the
parport kernel patch applied?  I think I've tried most of the
reasonable possibilities.

A.  Live with version 1.08 of the ppa driver (successfully patched to
support parport).  Sounds good, but I get scsi timeouts when I try
this.  Here's the result of that (ppa and lp compiles as modules)

#modprobe ppa

Jul 15 17:35:25 anderson kernel: Parallel port sharing: parport.c
$Revision: $
Jul 15 17:35:25 anderson kernel: parport0 at 0x378 [SPP,PS2,EPP]
Jul 15 17:35:28 anderson kernel: PPA driver version: Curtin 1-08-BETA
Jul 15 17:35:28 anderson kernel: PPA: Parport [ EPP ]
Jul 15 17:35:28 anderson kernel: scsi1 : Iomega ZIP/JAZ Traveller
Jul 15 17:35:28 anderson kernel: scsi : 2 hosts.
Jul 15 17:35:28 anderson kernel: scsi1 channel 0 : resetting for
second half of retries.
Jul 15 17:35:28 anderson kernel: SCSI bus is being reset for host 1 channel 0.
Jul 15 17:35:28 anderson kernel: scsi : aborting command due to
timeout : pid 3871, scsi1, channel 0, id 6, lun 0 Request Sense 00 00 00 10 00

#cat /proc/scsi/ppa/1

Version : Curtin 1-08-BETA
Parport  : parport0
Mode    : EPP 32 bit

Timing Parameters
ppa_speed       6
ppa_speed_fast  1
epp_speed       128

Internal Counters
epp_timeout     0

B.  Use the parport enabled ppa driver, version 1.22 (the one that's
supposed to be for kernel 2.1.x): Unfortunately, this fails to compile
(again compiling ppa and lp as modules).  I poked around long enough
to find that there is a struct defined in parport.h that doesn't match
the version referred to in ppa.c.  Is this expected, or is it a bug, I

C.  Use the non-parport enabled ppa driver, version 1.22.  This seems
like an unpleasant option.

Just for the record, I also have a printer attached to the parallel
port (the reason I want to use parport), and it works fine under
scenario A (described above).  The zip drive functions fine under DOS
and OS/2, so it's probably not a hardware problem

System is a P66
1 SCSI host besides the ZIP with 3 Hard drives, 1 Cdrom, 1 DAT.

Thanks to anyone who got this far, and thanks for any help

Jeff Anderson


1. Curtin ppa driver 1.21 doesn't work with my zip drive

I'm trying to use the curtain ppa driver (which is supposed to be
significantly faster) but having no luck. I got the tar from and put the ppa_mono/ppa.c and
ppa_mono/ppa.h in my kernel sources.. I recompiled and everything seems
fine. When I do "modprobe ppa", I get:

        PPA driver version: Curtin 1-21-BETA
        Generic Chipset [ EPP ]
        scsi0 : Iomega parport ZIP drive
        scsi : 1 host.

and /proc/scsi/ppa/0 says:

        Version : Curtin 1-21-BETA
        Port    : 0x0378
        Mode    : EPP 32 bit

Which looks fine. If I unplug the zip drive and do the same, I get an
error message that it failed, which is also correct (so I think that the
modules is at least detecting my drive right).

The only problem is I can't mount or fdisk it at all. "fdisk /dev/sda"
says "Unable to open /dev/sda" and mounting /dev/sda4 doesn't work
either (yes, I was logged in as root, so it's not a permissions deal).
This stuff used to work with the old slow ppa driver that comes standard
with kernel 2.0.30. I would like to get it working with the curtin
driver so it can be faster though.

        Linux kernel 2.0.30
        Curtin PPA 1.21 compiled as module (and parallel lp support also as a
        EPP parallel port
        I have no other SCSI like devices.
        RedHat 4.2


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