Configuration for a Linux system

Configuration for a Linux system

Post by P. Sawy » Thu, 11 May 1995 04:00:00

I would appreciate comments on the following system to run Linux.

Pentium P5 100 (Gainbery)
Cache 256 K
RAM 16 M
Bios manufacturer: Phoenix
15" monitor .28 dp, resolution 1280 x 768, non-interlaced
Video controller: ATI Mach 64-2M VRAM, SVGA colour monitor
SCSI-2 COntroller: Adaptec 2940
SMC Elite Ultra Network adapter
Hard drive: seagate 1 Gig
Panasonic CD-Rom
Keytronics 101 key enhanced keyboard by Mitsumi
3 1/2" floppy drive
2 serial 16550, 1 parallel
three button Mouse (Gainberry, Microsoft compatible)

A separate question: I already have a Archive 2150eS tape drive.
Will I be able to operate it under Linux ?

Patrice Sawyer
Dept of Math & Comp Sci
Laurentian University


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Does anyone know about any good tools to list hardware (and software)
configurations of a Solaris system?
I have the tried the usual /usr/platform/`uname -n`/sbin/prtdiag -v,
prtconf -v, showrev -p and so on.
I have also tried to use the third party utility memconf to get information
about the memory modules in the system.
But I want more information about the system like list all devices in the
system, tapedrives, harddrives, SCSI cards, videocards and so on, and list
all information about these devices, like vendor, revision, model, device
type and so on.
Does anyone know about some useful tools I can use to collect this
information from a system?



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