Incremental CD Writing??

Incremental CD Writing??

Post by Jim Mose » Sun, 09 Nov 1997 04:00:00

I'm running RH 4.1 Linux and need to be able to archive 30-50Mb
of data each data to a CD. I've tested the CD Writer and it seems to be
working OK. The man pages and documentation on the CD writing process
seems to indicate that you can do incremental writes, but its not really
clear on how this is done.

Is anybody out there doing this?

Any help is appreciated!

Jim M.


1. CD-R incremental writing on Yamaha CDR400

I am considering buying a Yamaha CD-R400 for my lab, and was
reading about the packet writing and track-at-once stuff.  Is it
possible to incrementally write information to a CD over a period of weeks
(as we collect data) or does it always have to be in a well definied
session?  And, more importantly, can it be done in Linux?

It would be wonderful to automatically archive our data to CD for
security reasons, but when I have looked into it before it
has looked impossible.  

Matt Asplund

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