Xerox WorkCentre 470cx

Xerox WorkCentre 470cx

Post by Mark Pat » Mon, 24 Nov 2003 06:52:20

Hi all,

Does anyone know the current status of support for this printer under CUPS?
I have just been given one and CUPS recognises it, but the test page is
poor with different colours not being aligned correctly.

Many thanks,


1. Xerox 470cx Workcenter - How to use as a printer under Linux


I've just purchased the 470cx WorkCenter multi-function machine from
Xerox (Print/Copy/Fax/Scan).

I still cant make it work under Linux.

It is reported to have a PCL3 emulation, and in it's documentation it
says that printing from DOS is possible using any HP Deskjet 500C driver.

This didn't yet worked for me using GS various deskjet drivers:

cdj500c, hpdj

I've checked man gs-hpdj - without any results.

If I'm generating a print file from windows, and try printing it using

lpr <filename> then it PRINTS !.

How ever - the type of that file is not reported as PCL (using file

Anyone have any success with this machine ?.

And yess I've read the notes on 450cp on:

- with not much help for me.


        Yossi Amon.

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