PCMCIA, ehernet problem

PCMCIA, ehernet problem

Post by Davide Gatt » Sat, 08 Mar 2003 07:56:41


I have a problem whit my PCMCIA Ethernet Accton EN2212,
when i put it in the laptop i hear one high signal,
and one low, that means that the card can't be
configurated and i don't know why :(. My problem is
mentioned hear

but they don't tell how make it work i tried ewrithink
i shearched ewerywhere, but whit no results :/ U are my
last hope.

Laptop "Advance" [model 6200T]
166MHz 32ram
Slackware 8.0
Kernel 2.2.19

the latest PCMCIA-cs and the standard one in the
system doesn't work

there is nothing concrete in the log's :\

and i don't have no klue what could be wrong :(

I'm not scared of a machine that will start to think,
but from the man that will raise it.
                                        [Dawid Gatti]


1. Full-Duplex realtek 8029 ehernet card

Hello Linux experts,

I don`t know i a came to the right place.

I need a little help. On my router i have 2 ethernet cards Realtek

I read the documentation found on
http://www.scyld.com/network/ne2k-pci.html and according to this i

cat /etc/modules.conf
alias eth0 ne2k-pci
options ne2k-pci full_duplex=1
alias eth1 ne2k-pci
options ne2k-pci full_duplex=1

The problem is that i don`t know with this settings my ethenets works in
full duplex mode. How can i check?

I compilled and executed as root: ./net2k-pci-diag -a and i saw that
booth cards are still in half-duplex!

Are my settings correct or no. If no, what else i can do.

Any suggestion will be appreciatted.


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